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Who we are!

Channu's Solutions Pvt. Ltd was initiated and founded in 2020, to wipe all the worries of people regarding employment and business. As a global company, we connect people to a dynamic network of ideas, jobs, and skilled professionals, with insight and expertise to ensure that their passion and requirements meet the right space at the right time.

We have made this possible through our innovative mobile application services: "Jobro.in" and "Jobro.in Merchant", which functions as an easy bridge between the user and the real-world opportunities. Yes, at your fingertips, "Jobro.in" helps to get the dream job, and "Jobro.in Merchant" helps you to hire the masters for your business.

We aim to expand the human potential and build a creative community, powerful enough to make a positive impact. With proficient professionals and well-monitored applications, we have topped the list providing the best user-friendly platforms for job seekers, corporates, and government sectors. We earn trust by "placing your dreams at the best place possible". Everything we do is about you.

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